Hire my design and/or painting services:
To help you plan your budget I have put starting prices, but please note these are only a guide and will be dependent on the scale of your project. Do book a discovery call to discuss your needs.
Mural design from small (eg a shutter or one wall) £550 including one round of amendments.
Mural installation from £250 (small wall or shutter) £380 (large wall or shutter) including paints. 
Window painting design and install from £550 including design, one round of amendments and paints. 
Bespoke full colour one-off illustration - eg a poster or a magazine cover. From £550, including one round of amendments. Prices vary depending on the usage licence.
Bundle - one off bespoke illustration with additional variations for different formats eg Instagram version. From £600, prices available on request depending on number of formats. Book a call with me to discuss the possibilities.
Payment 50% on booking, 50% on completion of works.
You can buy the internationally acclaimed picture book King Leonard’s Teddy here
Also available in Korean, Chinese and Turkish, ask your local bookshop to order it.
My most popular prints can be bought here, but pretty much anything on my site can be made available as a print, just email me with the name of the artwork, the number and size you’d like and address for shipping. Standard prints tend to start from £40 for A3, Giclee prints from £60, discounts are available for bulk orders.

I’d like to commission your artwork for a magazine illustration 
I’d love to work with you! I also know that as a magazine art director you are probably pushed for time and want this done last week. Let’s cut to the chase and book in a call so you can give me all the info I need and we can get to work ASAP! Alternatively email me all the info here and let me know a good time to follow up with you on the phone.
I’d like to commission you for some site specific artwork
Awesome! book in a call so you can give me all the info I need and we can get to work ASAP! Alternatively email me all the info here and let me know a good time to follow up with you on the phone. Here is a link to my prices.
I’m interested in commissioning you but I’m not sure/I’d like to talk to you about the possibilities first
No problem. I’m more than happy to have a discovery call with you. Book a slot in with me here. 
I’ve seen an artwork on the site that I’d like to license
Brilliant, most of my work is available for licensing. Please email me with the required use, length of license and your contact details.
I love your artwork but don’t have the budget for a mural or bespoke design yet.
I have a range of posters here and feel free to get in touch if there is something else on the site that you’d love printed as a print, I can usually arrange that to be shipped to you within a few days. Also sign up to my mailing list to be the first to hear when I’m offering any promotional prices for mural services.
Do you offer any discounts?
From time to time I run special offers - sign up to my mailing list to be the first to know (and get a free shipping code for the poster shop when you sign up!)
I run a school/charity/not for profit, can you make us some art for free?
I love making art for my customers and clients to enjoy and want to be able to keep doing it and spreading as much colour joy as possible. For my art business to stay financially viable I charge a reasonable fee that covers my overheads and supports me and my family.
I’d like to commission a window painting but I’m worried it’ll be hard to wash off/damage the glass
I use Posca pens which wash off easily with standard window cleaner.
I’d like a shutter painted but it has perforations, is it possible?
Yes! With a bit of extra planning. I’ll need to see a photo to advice what kind of design will work, it won’t be possible to design something super detailed. We’ll also need to factor in some extra time to put up a dust sheet to protect your windows during installation.
I’ve written a picture book, can you illustrate it?
I’m not currently accepting any self-publishing picture-book commissions. 
Where in the country can you paint me a mural?
Anywhere inside London. Outside London is not impossible but we may need to factor in extra budget for travel times and costs. If you are over an hour from London we could instead look at the possibility of a design from me which can either be painted by an artist local to you (i am part of a network of mural artists and we might be able to arrange something) or printed to wallpaper or vinyl. Book a call to discuss the specifics of your project.

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