Birds of Different Feathers Flock Together
Wood Green Mall, part of the Haringey Town Centres Creative Art Project
I’m a local illustrator making vibrant, inclusive, nature-inspired art. I hope this mural makes you smile and feel uplifted as you pass by :)
It’s a celebration of the beauty of diversity. It features the following national birds:
Scarlet ibis, White stork, Rooster, Northern lapwing, Peacock, African Fish Eagle, Black Crowned Crane, Doctor Bird, Andean Condor, Chukar Partridge, Robin, Rhinoceros Hornbill, Redwing, Sparrow, Hoatzin, Oriental Magpie, Nightingale
The flowers are inspired by the nearby Magnolia trees, which flower in spring. 
The theme came from keywords from community engagement workshops including ‘bright colours’ ‘green/nature’ ‘flowers’ ‘climate change’ and ‘identity’, and local consultation helped to choose the birds.
It’s easy to think there isn’t much nature in this street, but this design celebrates the nature that is here and adds a touch of magic and fantasy to spark the imagination!

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