Images are powerful. They have the power to convince, persuade and inspire. And today more than ever, people want to - and have the power to - choose to engage with brands, products and services whose values align with their own. Therefore it has never been more important to draw the better future we want to see bold and bright. These are the two main ways I help organisations to make a difference.
Art has long been used to inspire action. Visuals can draw attention to a problem, and they can also illustrate a potential better future. Friends of the Earth Tottenham and Wood Green were looking for a way to inform locals about an urban re-wilding project and to inspire them to donate and take part. I focused the 30 second video we made on the benefits of trees to people, wildlife and the planet. Using illustrated animation for this campaign was the perfect medium to say a lot in a short space of time.
Awareness raising
Stories are a powerful medium for inspiring change. But having a ‘message’ is not enough. For a satisfying experience which will also be the most effective in delivering that message, they must work as entertaining stories in their own right. These are the stories that stand the test of time. The United Nations have made it easy to find stories which align with each of their sustainable development goals by creating a book list specific to each goal. My picturebook King Leonard's Teddy is on their list for Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production. They said
"This is an excellent book that not only captures the imagination of children but also teaches everyone to be careful and respectful of everything. The environmental message is powerful for even adults and makes you think about sustainability, reusing and repurposing. This book shares a fantastic message against our culture of throwing things away and the impact this culture has on our planet."
The Little Rebels Award shortlist is another place to find radical children’s fiction touching on a wide range of social justice issues and I was very proud the King Leonard's Teddy was shortlisted in 2020.
I love to work on projects that prioritise ecological sustainability and social justice, so if you have an idea that needs an illustrator to draw a better future, do get in touch!

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