Made By Tottenham Winter Pop Up ArtworkMade By Tottenham Winter Pop Up Artwork
Oct 2023 - Nov 2023Oct 2023 - Nov 2023
Associated with Phoebe Swan IllustrationAssociated with Phoebe Swan Illustration
I was thrilled to be asked back to create the visuals again for this year's Made By Tottenham Winter Pop-Up shop!

I built on what worked well last year - eg the redesign of the logo with the fairy lights - and added different elements, from what I'd experienced last year.

I wanted to capture the bustling feeling of being at a market, also showing that there are interactive elements like taking part in a workshop that people can experience.

This year I chose the brand colours that are more often used by Made By Tottenham, focusing on the ones that were cold but bright.

The Trampery has a lot of nice pot-plants that I used in my design to add a sense of festive greenery but with a more contemporary feel than traditional evergreens.

The design adapted well to the different formats - I created a slightly paired down version for instagram and a really stripped back version for the A boards.
Quotes from the clients:
Working with Phoebe was a dream. Aside from fulfilling the creative brief with great verve she was superlatively efficient, accommodating, versatile, and a pleasure to be around. Couldn’t ask for more. If you are even half thinking about working with Phoebe, don’t hesitate! Get her on board now.
Rebecca Heald 
Curator, commisioner, consultant Made By Tottenham

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