Lino print large scale mural artwork for Wood Green Community Diagnostic Centre, inspired by the River Lea, North London. Click to go on a virtual 3D tour of the centre to see the murals in situ

The brief was to 'bring the outside in' to the underground level of a new medical centre.

I used colour sensitively to the needs of the environment and users to compliment the existing space, calming cool colours with pops of complimentary warmer tones.

I drew from the proven mental-health benefits of biofilic design to transform the space with nature imagery.

I combined hand-made lino prints to bring a human-touch to the clinical space with Adobe Illustrator to compose the designs ready to be printed at large scale.

I wanted the artwork to feel immersive and expansive, so that when people enter the space they are distracted, and feel calm. I've spent a lot of time in medical spaces over the last few years and know that they can typically be quite boring or even anxiety-inducing spaces. 
My nature murals are designed to act like windows and bring in a sense of light into a place with no natural light. I also wanted to include enough details to act as a distraction when viewed over a long period of time, whilst not over-crowding an already busy space. 
I've lived beside the River Lea for the last 10 years and have been drawing and making lino prints of the area throughout that time. Lino-prints felt like the appropriate medium to use for the commission because the texture and hand-made appearance give the artworks a warmth and human touch. 
The challenge was to scale this up from prints that are a few centimetre squared to several metres without losing the image quality. I did this by scanning the individual elements, birds, reeds, water etc and then composing the designs digitally. They were then printed and installed by Puck Studio, which meant a lot more detail and texture could be included than would have been possible if it had been hand-painted.
Quotes from the clients:
“We had the pleasure working of with Phoebe to develop a series of murals for the new Lower Ground Floor of Wood Green Community Diagnostic Centre. Alongside the Project Team, we were determined to collaborate with a local artist to 'bring the outside in' to create a calming environment for patients, staff and visitors of the centre. Phoebe was a delight to collaborate with at every stage of the process (shortlisting, initial designs, incorporating feedback) and always kept our aim with the artwork in mind.Phoebe fulfilled the brief and beyond by creating mesmerising landscapes with her distinctive artistic style. In the few weeks since the installation, patients, staff and visitors have praised Phoebe's work and we are delighted that her creation will continue to uplift those who enter the space.If you have the opportunity to work with Phoebe, you can expect a collaborative approach and a wonderful outcome!”
Savah Ali
Project Support Officer
Wood Green NHS Community Diagnostic Centre
"What a wonderful experience working with Phoebe. She was in tune with the vision for the project straight away and brought so many magical ideas to enhance the clinical environment. Great to work with someone who is so collaborative and willing to adapt. Thank you for your truly beautiful artwork!"
Nikki Crane
Independent arts consultant at Nikki Crane Associates

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